Delilah Tarco was a minor character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Lego Show. She is Buzz Tarco's seventeen year old daughter. She was first created for Mr. Fireman: Crusaders of Fire, a spin-off film set in the universe of The Lenny Lego Show. She appeared in this film as well as the Lenny Lego Season 9 finale "The Fourth of July Lenny Lego Special 2".

The character will likely return, at some point, for The Lenny Leggo Show, the successor series to The Lenny Lego Show.


Delilah is obsessed with her cellphone, sending over 55,000 text messages (an average of over 1,300 a day) within the first month of getting her phone. Buzz Tarco was so infuriated when he received the phone bill that he went into his daughter's bedroom, took her "good luck bear" stuffed bear, decapitated it with a huge knife, and put its head onto a tall wooden stake. He put the stake out in front of the house for Delilah to see when she got home from school that day. Tarco even filmed the entire event (the explanation, the seizing of the bear, the decapitation, the mounting the head on the post, and Delilah's reaction) and posted it to YouTube, which, in the first month of publication, received over 34 million views, 850,000 dislikes and 350,000 dislikes. Buzz Tarco justified his actions by claiming that the bear was made of cheap quality fabric anyway, and that it would have "decapitated itself" sooner or later anyway. Regardless, Buzz Tarco actually had taken the head and the body of the bear back inside and left it in his closet and told Delilah that if she spent less time away from the computer and instead practiced sowing, that she could resow the head back onto the bear. The plan worked and the bear was fixed.


Delilah Tarco is a seventeen year old teenager who's father is Buzz Tarco.


  • Delilah is the first and so far only character to transfer from animal form to human form for The Lenny Leggo Show.
  • Delilah was completely absent in the Lenny Lego finale Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol, even after Buzz Tarco returned home and had been encountered by Bernard Blazes, she was never seen or even mentioned in the entire episode. An explanation for her absence was to be given, but because of The Lenny Lego Show's cancellation, there will likely not be one.