Desktop Tales is an upcoming Youtube Comedy series from Clear Sky Productions. The series both a spin-off of The Lenny Leggo Show, as it is set in the same fictional universe as the show, and is also a reboot of the short lived series of the same name created by YouTube user Powerpuffsama (known at the time as "Frozone470"). It will feature the same cast returning as themselves. The first four episodes will act as reboots of the four that were made in the original version, then proceeding episodes will be entirely new stories taking place in the same setting. The series was scheduled to premiere on December 16th 2015, but was delayed for un-announced reasons.

As of March 2016, the series is on hiatus due to its transition from the original "Lego" universe to the up-to-date "Leggo" universe; however, the series is not cancelled.


Desktop Tales takes place on the desk of an unnamed man, who is never seen or heard. The characters of the show are all toy animals and people, who are all mistakenly left out on the desk on a regular basis. The characters never leave the desk, as they do not know what exists in the outer world.

Continuity in The Lenny Leggo ShowEdit

The show's setting will share continuity with The Lenny Leggo Show, thus will be set in the same universe as The Lenny Leggo Show. While neither one will be the main character, Cody Malodora and Terry Stigsmin are both set to become characters of the show.

Prior, when the series was still running as The Lenny Lego Show, the episode Mr. Ambulance's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle was meant to introduce the setting of the new spin-off series. However, the show will not take place in the "Lego" at all, but rather the newer Lenny Leggo universe instead.