Horton's Hot-dog Company is a fictitious hot-dog manufacturing company from the YouTube series The Lenny Lego Show.


Horton's Hot-dog Company was featured in two episodes of The Lenny Lego Show.

The company was first featured in the episode "When Hot-dogs Attack". In the episode, Lenny goes online to the Horton's Hot-dog Company official website to file a complaint about the company's products, in-which is he very dissatisfied with its quality. During this, however, the website somehow registers that Lenny enters the Horton's Hot-dog Company Sweepstakes, in-which the winner wins four cases of hot-dogs, each with 100 hot-dogs for a total of 400 hot-dogs. Lenny ends up winning and is stuck with 400 disgusting hot-dogs. Not wanting them to go to waste, Lenny is forced to find a way to get rid of them. Lenny's closest friends offer to help him eat the hot-dogs away, but after only managing to consume a mere six hot-dogs. The gang comes up with the idea to sell them to neighbors. This proves to be even less successful, ultimately eliminating only five hot-dogs. A later attempt to sell them at a make-shift stand by the side of the road results in no success whatsoever. Finally, Lenny comes up with the ultimate idea, to hold a "hot-dog chug". Using this plan, the gang finally ends up successfully eliminating the hot-dogs.

Horton's Hotdog Company returned for the Season 9 episode "When Hotdogs Attack: THE REVENGE!", which takes place three and a half years after "When Hotdogs Attack". In the episode, Lenny gets hired by the company to be the spokesperson for the new Horton's Hotdog Company commercial. Lenny is hesitant, but eventually agrees. He comes to regret this decision after the company, as payment in return, sends him yet another free 400 hotdogs, which Lenny must again get rid of.


Horton's Hotdog Company will return for the updated series "The Lenny Leggo Show". For this incarnation, a background story will be given regarding the origins of the company as well as how their hot-dog became so infamously terrible.