Krusty is a fake giraffe and the imaginary friend of Pigpig. He was featured in a single episode of the series.

Fictitious BioEdit

Krusty was featured in a Season 9 episode of The Lenny Lego Show. In the episode, Lenny must babysit Pigpig again. This time, Pigpig introduces Lenny to Krusty, his imaginary giraffe friend. Throughout the episode, Pigpig relentlessly bugs Lenny about Krusty, telling him about his life story, as well as Five Night's At Freddy's theories that "he" made up. Krusty "goes" to defecate on the toilet when Mr. Fireman, unbeknownst to him about Krusty's defecating, goes to do the same in the bathroom. When he flushes the toilet, Pigpig comes running and screaming at Mr. Fireman, claiming that he killed Krusty by flushing him down the toilet. Pigpig then runs for the phone and attempts to call the police on Mr. Fireman for murder, which Lenny runs after him and attempts to force the phone out of his hands before he can dial 911.


Krusty will return for the new updated series The Lenny Leggo Show, playing the same role as before.