Lenny Lego Live! was a live broadcast special of The Lenny Lego Show. It only ran two times. Once on March 8th 2014, and again in August 2014.

In February 2016, Aaron Cosby, creator of The Lenny Leggo show, openly panned Lenny Lego Live, admitting that he hated how it turned out and has said that he has no intentions of ever performing the show again.


Lenny Lego Live! was a live broadcast special of The Lenny Leggo Show, which was actually known as "The Lenny Lego Show" at the time the show ran. During the show, three episodes were reenacted with the original props from the actual show itself. However, because the broadcast was live, hands could be seen handling the props throughout the entire show. During its first run on March 8th 2014, three episodes were acted out live, along with various other skits, including a sneak peak of Mr. Fireman, which, on that day, was less than a week away from release. A seven minute sequence was shown during what acted as an intermission. The second show in August ran the same format, except it also featured a board game tournament afterwards. This second show ran for two hours, whereas the first only ran for one hour.


On February 4th 2016, Aaron Cosby, creator of The Lenny Leggo Show, confessed that he was exceedingly critical of how the show turned out, calling it "the biggest mistake ever made with the series concept", and completely regrets ever coming up with the idea of Lenny Lego Live. He criticized the fact that, unlike the show, that the hands holding the props were clearly visible throughout the entire show (as the entire show was live, it was done in a single "take"), and said, regarding the performances "[they were] completely horrific; I had no clue at the time why I would think anyone would ever want to dedicate an hour of their life watching this crap". Cosby has also stated that "It's not about putting out crappy material. If you confess to it being terrible, the world will understand. Who hasn't cringed out their past even at one point? It's the ones that know it's bad and refuse to admit it; those are the ones that get ridiculed the most" and, regarding the possibility of the performance's return, that  "unless I am able to come up with something completely, totally, 100% brilliant, that is actually WORTH watching, [I] would never do Lenny Lego Live ever again".