"Lenny Leggo Presents: The Chronicles of Strinetor" is a proposed mini-series that was to be based off of the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Lego Show. The show was to serve as an official story-arc of the Lenny Lego canon, set with continuity in the universe of The Lenny Lego show and the Lenny Lego film series.

As of February 16th 2016, the series was on permanent hiatus, as The Lenny Lego Show has been cancelled and will be rebooted. The series may be revived and placed into the new timeline for The Lenny Leggo Show instead.


In the year 2000, Clonebot, very shortly after his formation, is separated from his son after accidentally programmed by his master to destroy everything in his path. After escaping custody, Clonebot, having failed to find his son, retreats to the planet Zonus to avoid capture from authorities, where he establishes a kingdom of cyborgs in attempt to train them to fight the S.W.A, the organization which is on the hunt to destroy Clonebot and his son permanently.