The following is the official timeline for the Youtube series The Lenny Lego Show.

Unknown year Edit

  • "Mr. Fireman", is born


  • Mr. Elephant (the town rabbi) is born


  • Mr. Ambulance is born
  • Wonka the Fireman is born


  • "Mammoth Duncan" is born


  • Lenny Lego is born


  • Bull Harkin is born


  • Randy Stallone is born


  • Clonebot is born


  • Lenny moves to Semi-City #5555.


March 21stEdit

  • Mammoth and Bull move to town

July 1stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance move to town.


July 5thEdit

  • "The Counter" incident occurs.

November 14thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman, having been unconscious for two weeks, finally wakes up to his furious cousin, who insists he must stop celebrating Halloween to avoid a totally disastrous fate due to his excessive candy consumption. Mr. Fireman reluctantly agrees, much to the confusion of his cousin.

November 15thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman shares his new holiday, National Mr. Fireman Day, with the internet as well as those watching the 6:00AM news.

December 10thEdit

  • Lenny's watersystem breaks down. He moves in with Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance briefly until it gets fixed.

December 24thEdit

  • Lenny and his friends all celebration Christmas together
  • Later that evening, Mr. Fireman leaves town to visit his great Uncle Lou.

December 25thEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman (from his Uncle Lou's house) chat through "Live Chat"

December 28thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman returns to town from Uncle Lou's.


January 5thEdit

  • Lenny writes a letter to "Horton's Hot-dog Company", complaining about their product, hoping that the feedback will improve their hot-dogs in the future. However, this causes Lenny to, somehow, get signed up for the Horton's Hotdog Sweepstakes, which Lenny ends up winning and receives 400 hot-dogs from the company

January 9thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance witness the delivery of 400 Horton's hot-dogs and call Lenny to tell him the news. Lenny becomes horrified to learn that the hot-dog are non-returnable, as they are perishables. Lenny's friends vow to help Lenny eat all the hot-dogs away.
  • Lenny, Mr. Fireman, Mr. Ambulance, Mammoth, Bull, And Chicken all gather together at Lenny's house, where they all partake in eating the hot-dogs away. Eating one hot-dog each, there are still 394 hot-dogs left. Later that night, Mammoth comes up with the idea of giving them away to other people to get rid of them quicker.

January 10thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman makes several attempts to sell some hot-dogs to the other residents of the apartment, many of which slam the door on him. Ultimately, Mr. Fireman manages to sell only five hot-dogs (two to the Mayer and three to unspecified persons).

January 11thEdit

  • Lenny and his friends all gather by the side of the road to sell some hot-dogs by singing "Hot-dogs for sale!" but achieve no success whatsoever. Suddenly, Lenny comes up with a great idea, to hold a hot-dog chug competition.

January 12thEdit

  • A Hot-dog chug is held, which eliminates 89 hot-dogs, now only leaving 300 left.

January 19thEdit

  • Finally, all 400 Horton's hot-dogs have been eaten. Suddenly, a truck pulls up with 400 more hot-dogs. However, they are revealed to be a different brand, which Lenny ordered in celebration for their success in eliminating 400 hot-dogs Horton's Hot-dog Company.

February 11thEdit

  • Semi-City #5555 celebrates "Flag Day". During the celebration, hundreds gather to partake in "The Living Flag", involving everyone carry a large sheet with the American Flag on it throughout downtown. However, everyone under the flag ends up wanting to see the flag in person. One person at a time leaves the flag to go up to the top of the apartment building to look down on it. The process takes hours, which eventually results in the abandonment of "Flag Day", which has not been celebrated since.

February 18thEdit

  • Lenny Leaves town to head to Los Angeles to participate in "Battle of the Cooks", a cooking competition TV program.

February 19thEdit

  • Lenny's episode of "Battle of the Cooks" is taped. Lenny is defeated and must leave the show.

March 12thEdit

  • Lenny and his friends build a stage for "Presentation Day" in town. In the process, they trap Mammoth inside the stage as they build it around him.

March 21stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman finds a Mobile Phone, belonging to a human, and becomes fascinated with it.

April 1stEdit

  • Lenny receives Amnesia and Mr. Fireman must cure it.

May 9thEdit

  • Randy Stallone and his mother move to town.

May 12thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman decides to max out his speedometer to see what happens. All of his friends, including Lenny, contribute money for gasoline to reach the goal.

May 13thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman's car self-destructs after reaching 999,999 miles.

May 14thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman collects his prize winnings for setting a record for being the first person to max out the speedometer, a total of four cents.


January 1stEdit

  • Lenny Lego is given 1,000,000 dollars as a reward for arresting Clonebot

January 7thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman is assigned a report and, after stubbing his toe, get's Lenny to write it.

January 14thEdit

  • Lenny submits the report and get's a D-. Mr. Fireman insists that the score is unfair and that his teacher/boss, Buzz Tarco, change it.

January 15thEdit

  • After Mr. Fireman's relentless begging of a different report score, Buzz Tarco announces to the class that Mr. Fireman got the very first F in the entire class (This is due to the fact that every failing score so far has actually been an X, a negative score percentage). in an effort to make him regret asking for a different score. However, the entire plan backfires and Mr. Fireman becomes proud of achieving the very first F in the class's history. It is later revealed that Buzz Tarco allowed Lenny to write the assignment instead and that the two conspired to purposely get a low score to make Mr. Fireman feel bad and regret hiring Lenny to write his report. However, this plan has obviously been show to have backfired.

January 17thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance successfully delivers his first child.

April 15thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman shoves co-co puffs up his nose in-front of the vice president of the NFFA (National Firefighters Association).

April 22ndEdit

  • Mr. Fireman destroys the plumbing system at the fire department.

July 26thEdit

  • The plumbing system is fixed at the fire department.

August 5thEdit

  • Lenny Lego and Katrina Kyla are married (even though they were married in August, Lenny almost always mistakenly refers to the month of their marriage as May instead of August).

October 4thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman visits his local Mcdonald's to convince the manager to give him free food, since he has no money. When the manager refuses, he continues begging relentlessly for free food until he is finally is banned from entering that Mcdonald's ever again. As of "Lenny's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle", which took place during Thanksgiving 2014, over a year later, Mr. Fireman is still banned from that Mcdonald's.

October 11thEdit

  • Having been permanently banned from going to his local Mcdonald's, Mr. Fireman manages to team up with Lenny to create their own Big-Macs by using the secret Big-Mac recipe a Mcdonald's employee gave Mr. Fireman illegally.

October 12thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Lenny fail time after time to achieve quality Big-Macs. Finally, after running out of ingredients, Lenny is sent to the store to order some 50-50 (50% beef and 50% fat) custom made ground beef.

October 19thEdit

  • The custom beef is finally ready and Lenny brings it back and continues to work with Mr. Fireman to perfect the Big-Mac. Ultimately, however, they still fail, and Lenny quits.

October 21stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman confesses to Mr. Ambulance that he got banned from his local Mcdonald's forever. Mr. Ambulance mentions however that a new location is being built nearby, much to Lenny's dismay (meaning that their previous efforts in making their Big-Macs were all for nothing).

November 10thEdit

  • Lenny fixes up an old time machine and uses it to travel to the year 2114, to find out that he is dead in that year.

November 11thEdit

  • By order of the town, the time machine is hidden away in a secret location to prevent anyone from changing the past.

December 1stEdit

  • Lenny buys his first pet dog.
  • Lenny's pet dog is sold to a man after Mr. Ambulance mistakes it as a stray, as it has no collar.

December 2ndEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance both unsuccessfully attempt, using very different methods, to buy the dog back from the man, but he refuses.
  • The Man finally gives the dog back to Lenny after his wife ordered that he dog leave.


January 14thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman get's employed at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

January 21stEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman are sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of kidnapping

January 22rdEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman are proven innocent and are freed.

January 30thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman's co-workers show up late for "Recital night" and all fail their assignment. Mr. Fireman himself is completely absent as he is working a show at Medieval Times.
  • After the show, Mr. Fireman is confronted by Buzz Tarco for not showing up.

January 31stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman decides to prank Buzz Tarco by setting an explosive hotdog on his desk. However, after Buzz eats it, he is sent to the hospital, and Mr. Fireman is sent to the Bonus Round as a result.
  • Buzz Tarco, after being released from the hospital, announces the SABFA (Spontaneous America's Best Fireman Award).
  • Mr. Fireman encounters Wonka, his arch-nemesis, for the first time since high-school graduation.
  • Mr. Fireman announces "The Flying Machine", an intended birthday gift for Buzz Tarco, who's birthday is 48 hours away. Mr. Fireman reveals some details to his co-workers regarding the project and its blue-prints.

February 1stEdit

  • To make room to assemble "The Flying Machine, Mr. Fireman moves Buzz's car for him. He ends up ruining a picture (for Buzz Tarco's newspaper story) in the process.

February 2ndEdit

  • At Midnight, construction on "The Flying Machine" begins.
  • Buzz Tarco celebrates his birthday. Mr. Fireman's invention, "The Flying Machine" turns out to be a humiliating failure and ends up sending Tarco to the hospital.

February 3rdEdit

  • in the hospital, Mr. Fireman reveals to Buzz, much to his fury, that "The Flying Machine" was built using the fire department's funds.
  • Buzz Tarco is released from his second hospital visit.
  • That evening, Buzz Tarco watches a TV add for lawyer "Tiger Whatshishead", and decides to hire him to sue Mr. Fireman for using up the fire department funds.

February 4thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco hires Tiger Whatshishead to come and negotiate the case. However, upon finding out that Buzz Tarco has no money, he explains that Tarco would never be able to afford him and leaves.
  • Mr. Fireman encounters Wonka, both of whom get into an argument. Mr. Fireman ends up pushing Wonka off the shelf and down onto Buzz Tarco, sending him to the hospital again.

February 5thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco awakens in the hospital the next morning at 8:00AM and is required to perform "Synchronized Exercising" with many other patients.

February 7thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and his co-workers hold a welcome home party for Buzz Tarco, who has been released from the hospital. During the party, however, One of the firemen accidentially drops a large object from a great height, which hits Buzz Tarco and sends him to the hospital yet again.

February 8thEdit

Buzz Tarco is required to do Synchronized exercising once again.

February 10thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco wakes up and finds that "F-Mail" has been installed on his computer. After an enormous of junk mail is sent to his inbox, his computer crashes.
  • Buzz Tarco signs Mr. Fireman, Johnson, and Samuel up for Boot-Camp.

February 11thEdit

  • Due to his computer being out of use for the next week and a half, Buzz Tarco is thrown out of his online college.

February 12thEdit

  • A food fight started by Mr. Fireman's co-worker Ryan encourages Tarco to throw Ryan into Boot-camp as well.

February 17thEdit

  • Tarco and the firemen arrive at the airport.

February 20thEdit

  • Tarco and the firemen finally board their flight, after missing the last several.
  • While on the plane, Mr. Fireman starts a fire in the airplane lavatory, causing it to crash in a field some 50 miles away from Semi-City #5555. Buzz abandons the firemen and returns home himself.

February 21stEdit

  • Buzz Tarco finds home, but is almost immediately arrested on charges of leaving the firemen behind to die in the middle of nowhere. He is sentenced to wear a probation suit.
  • Mr. Fireman and his Co-workers seek shelter at a power plant, which is a science laboratory for a toy Panda, who owns a pet dog used for experimental purposes. While there, Mr. Fireman feeds the dog a "Big Boy Bar", a muscle bar which has not passed health inspections.
  • Dogzilla is born.
  • Dogzilla invades Semi-City #5555, eating Mr. Ambulance in the process. Mr. Fireman eventually defeats the giant monster. But then quits his job after finding out that Dogzilla, which he created, ate his cousin. Mr. Ambulance later crawls out of the beast's mouth, revealed to have survived.
  • A fire breaks out in town. Mr. Fireman ends up putting the fire out and saving a child from a near-death incident. Mr. Fireman is hailed as a hero.

February 22ndEdit

  • Wonka and Mr. Fireman become friends.
  • Mr. Fireman and his co-workers find a man wearing a ridiculous suit that resembles Wonka who demands to know where Mr. Ambulance is. The firemen, finding his suit to look ridiculous, laugh hysterically at it.
  • Lenny Lego returns to town.

February 23rdEdit

  • Mammoth's Family gathers on this Sunday Afternoon to visit Mammoth. While there, Lenny meets Pigpig for the first time.
  • Lenny is assigned to Babysit Pigpig the next day.

February 24thEdit

  • Lenny babysits Pigpig for the first time.

February 26thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Lenny are sentenced to 10 years on charges of kidnapping

February 27thEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman are found innocent and their charges are dropped.

February 28thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman's novel, "The Day my Tomato Plant Died", is published.

March 4thEdit

  • The case of Alfred Airways flight 815's crash re-opens. Buzz Tarco is arrested and interrogated about the incident as a possible suspect.

March 5thEdit

  • After explaining the non-nonsensical (yet true) story to the court, Buzz Tarco is found guilty of causing the crash and is sentenced to 27 years of probation.

July 4thEdit

  • Lenny's head

September 4thEdit

  • Mammoth Duncan is elected as President of the United States of America.

October 9thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco announces a firefighters video that is to be filmed at the fire department.

October 12thEdit

  • The Firefighters video is filmed.
  • Clonebot escapes from prison once again.

October 13thEdit

  • Lenny Lego drives to the airport to fly to Kansas City for a business trip. Mr. Fireman sneaks along by hiding in the trunk without Lenny knowing.

October 14thEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman are captured by Petey, John, and Scott Diggerman, Clonebot's three henchmen.

October 15thEdit

  • The Firefighters video is officially scrapped.
  • Mr. Ambulance arrives at the airport to wait for Lenny and Mr. Fireman, holding up a sign to get their attention. Mr. Ambulance waits for hours before a passer by begins to taunt him that he's at the wrong terminal

October 18thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance, sick of waiting for Lenny and Mr. Fireman, finally gives up waiting. When attempting to leave, he learns that his car was towed away for being parked in a no parking zone.

October 19thEdit

  • at 3:00AM, Mr. Ambulance finally returns home (by means of travel by foot), where he meets Randy and Bull. Seconds later, they learn about Clonebot's escape via a (delayed) breaking news report. Bull vowes to go save Lenny and Mr. Fireman. Mr. Ambulance faints upon learning that Lenny and Mr. Fireman may have been captured and Randy goes to sleep, planning to wake up at 7:00AM and team up with Bull after getting some sleep. Bull, unable to wait any longer, leaves immediately without Randy to save his two captured friends.
  • Randy wakes up at 10:30AM, much later than his intended 7:00AM wake up time, and learns that Bull has alredy left.
  • Mr. Ambulance tells Randy to stay behind, in-case Clonebot returns to town by chance, then gets Mr. Elephant to fly him to Clonebot's base (as Mr. Ambulance has no pilot license).
  • The Battle at Clonebot's lair takes place, resulting in Lenny Lego, Mr. Fireman, Mr. Ambulance, Bull, and Mr. Elephant all escaping. Clonebot is forced to enter "rehabilitation chamber" to ease his anger.

October 20thEdit

  • After exiting the rehabilitation chamber a day later, Clonebot scolds Petey and John for being unsuccessful in preventing Lenny from escaping the day before. Knowing by now that he is outmatched by Lenny, Clonebot orders Petey that a batch of Petey's special "Supersauce" be made, which will increase Clonebot's power by multiple times when finished. With 48 hours still remaining until Clonebot's "Supersauce" is completed, Clonebot vows to return to town and capture Lenny Lego once more, this time also capturing his friends to prevent any help from coming.
  • Mr. Fireman coaxes Lenny into having a baby shower for his soon-to-be-born child. Lenny is originally hesitant, but eventually agrees.
  • Petey and John overhear that Lenny is having a Babyshower and tell Clonebot the news. Clonebot, over the next 24 hours, constructs his plan with Petey and John to capture Lenny Lego, waiting in a location where Lenny would never find him to prevent counter-capture.
  • Lenny and his friends go see a movie in the evening. While waiting in line, they recap the incident with the scrapped Children's video that was supposed to have been made at Mr. Fireman's Fire department.

October 21stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman starts another food-fight in the cafeteria. All of the firemen who participated in the fight are sentenced to "The Bonus Round", with Mr. Fireman scheduled to go last (since he was the one who started the food-fight), at 6:15PM. Since the Baby-Shower is set to start at 6:00PM, Samuel the Fireman switches places with him, causing Mr. Fireman to go at 2:30PM instead.
  • The Babyshower begins at 6:00PM as scheduled.
  • The Babyshower is hijacked by Clonebot, while his henchmen take Lenny Lego and Katrina hostage whith everyone distracted.
  • Clonebot, just minutes after invading the party, mysteriously surrenders himself to police.
  • Mr. Fireman interrogates Clonebot, finding out that where Lenny his hidden. Clonebot, however, insists that he does not know where Katrina is.
  • Mr. Ambulance and Bull go to free Lenny Lego, but Mr. Ambulance falls into a trap set by Petey and John, who show up moments later to see that Bull managed to avoid the trap that captured Mr. Ambulance. Petey fires at Bull with his laser gun, misses, and ignites a stick of dynamite. After defeating Petey and John, Bull, to prevent the dynamite from killing Lenny and Mr. Ambulance, grabs the dynamite from Lenny and runs with it as far as he can go. Eventually, the dynamite explodes. Mr. Fireman comes along moments later and breaks out Lenny and Mr. Ambulance.
  • Bull Harkin, dies, having saved Lenny Lego and Mr. Ambulance from death.

October 22ndEdit

  • Mammoth Duncan, president of the United States, holds a press meeting on how to prevent Clonebot's chaos from spreading any faster.
  • Lenny Lego becomes furious towards Mr. Fireman, blaming him for Bull's death, since he talked him into having the shower, which ultimately caused Bull's death. Lenny Lego vows that he doesn't need any help and sets out to find Clonebot himself.
  • Lenny encounters Quincy Lego, his older brother, who is also training to fight Clonebot.
  • Lenny Becomes sorrowful for lashing out a Mr. Fireman and talks with his brother on how he should forgive his friend.

October 23rdEdit

  • Clonebot injects his supersauce into himself, increasing his power significantly and also giving him a different, much more menacing voice.
  • Clonebot, Petey and John arrive to 5555 and lock the town's borders, demanding to know where Lenny Lego is. Randy overhears Clonebot prior to his entrance and helps Mr. Fireman, Mr. Ambulance and himself to escape.
  • Lenny Lego and Quincy receives word that Clonebot has taken over #5555 and drive their to partake in the battle against Clonebot. Quincy and Lenny are both taken out by Clonebot. Randy, however, helps the two escape from a box that Clonebot put their parts into. When Clonebot finds this out, he summons "Megabot" to exterminate the team.
  • The Megabot battle unfolds in downtown, ultimately ending in Megabot's defeat. Clonebot is thought to have been killed during the battle, but shortly later reveals to have survived.
  • The Showdown between Lenny and Clonebot occurs. With Quincy injured, Clonebot transforms into "Starcraft Mode" and almost kills Lenny when Lenny manages to repel Clonebot's attack, brutally injuring him. This causing Clonebot to crash into the ground and explode, killing him and ending his chaos once and for all.

October 26thEdit

  • Lenny is visited by "The Canyon Man", who offers to fire his canyon off at Bull's funeral for a fee. Lenny turns down the offer. Throughout the afternoon, The Canyon Man leaves, only to return minutes later asking once again if Lenny would accept his offer. Each time Lenny turns him down, becoming increasingly irritated each time. After returning for the fifth time, Lenny threatens to call the police on him if he does not stop coming back. When he returns for the sixth and final time, he is seen being coaxed into joining The Canyon Man's discount club. Lenny dismisses him once last time with a loud and clear "GOOD DAY!".
  • 3:00PM Bull's funeral takes place. Mr. Ambulance arrives late as he had to deliver a set of twins at the hospital.
  • 5:00PM Lenny, Mr. Fireman, and Mr. Ambulance all say good-bye to Mr. Elephant for the day and thank him for his wonderful speech given at the funeral. Just seconds after Mr. Elephant leaves, Mr. Ambulance also leaves to return to work. Just a few seconds after that, Katrina begins to go into labor and is rushed to the hospital.
  • 9:44PM Lenny Jr is born

October 31stEdit

  • The 3rd annual National Mr. Fireman Day is celebrated.

November 10thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco and his wife adopt 16 year old Delilah into his family.
  • Lenny gives a speech on live TV about his quest with Clonebot, mentioning all the things he's learned along the way.

November 27thEdit

  • Lenny Lego and Mr. Ambulance can't agree on who hosts the thanksgiving meal this year. A coin toss is conducted to decide the location of the dinner, with Lenny coming out as the victor.
  • Buzz Tarco talks to Mr. Fireman about the Thanksgiving party when Mr. Fireman and Randy, from the year 9014, suddenly arrive in their time machine to find that they returned to the incorrect day. They disappear again minutes later.
  • Lenny Lego realizes that he has focused so much on the side dishes that he has forgotten to buy a turkey.
  • Mr. Fireman teams up with Randy to break into a closed grocery store and buy a turkey, leaving money on the counter while doing so.

November 28thEdit

  • Around Midnight, Lenny calls Mr. Ambulance to tell him that he forgot the turkey, so he may host the meal instead. Mr. A, however, reveals to have a spare turkey in his fridge that Lenny can use. Lenny goes to get it immediately to avoid coming in at 6:00AM and waking up Mr. Ambulance to get it then. When Lenny arrives, the two decide to team up and find Mr. Fireman, who has been gone for several hours.
  • Around 2:00AM, Mr. Fireman and Randy arrive from the future from the year 9014 and reveal that they froze in the freezer for 7000 years and that the present day Mr. Fireman and Randy are both still in the freezer. Mr. Ambulance and Lenny manage to call the store owner and get the present day Mr. Fireman and Randy out of the freezer. Instantly, the 9014 Mr. Fireman and Randy disappear, having ceased to exist. Their memories are transferred back to their present day bodies as they wake up in their present day versions, having erased the timeline of existing in 9014.
  • Lenny and his friends celebrate thanksgiving at Lenny's house. During the celebration, Lenny discovers a week old package of Cranberry sauce sent in from Cody, who is out of town visiting his family for thanksgiving. Not wanting to hurt Cody's feelings, Lenny decides to serve the week old cranberry sauce to everyone.
  • Lenny and his friends stand outside and stare up into the sky to find The Lenny Lego Show logo up in the sky (as it appears in the show's intro). Suddenly, the logo starts drifting towards earth and eventually collides with the planet as the Lenny's friends hide for cover. This segment, exclusive to the extended version of "Lenny's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle", is later revealed to have been a dream of Lenny's.

December 8thEdit

  • Two crooks try to rob from Mrs. Diney's purse. They both fail miserably.

December 9thEdit

  • Lenny is hired to his short-lived a job as a police officer

December 24thEdit

  • While at work, Lenny overhears two criminals (the same two who unsuccessfully tried to rob from Mrs. Diney earlier) planning to bust out their leader, who is being held in Lenny's prison. They vow to return later that night and then leave. Lenny later begins preparing traps for when they arrive.
  • The annual Christmas Pageant takes place. Lenny is unable to participate due to his position in guarding the prison on Christmas Eve.
  • Mr. Fireman, working with Lenny on his traps, encounters Mr. Ambulance. To prevent the news of the plan from being gossiped. Mr. Fireman uses a tazor on his cousin and leaves his body in a giant container
  • The two crooks arrive at the prison, right on schedule, to attempt to bust out their leader. They end up running into every trap set up by Lenny and Mr. Fireman (except for one, which the Warden runs into later). Eventually, the two crooks hold Lenny hostage at gun point, but are taken out by Mrs. Diney, and are arrested.
  • Lenny's boss, the warden, thanks Lenny for his good deeds and for arresting the two crooks. Minutes later, however, he runs into one of Lenny's traps, that the crooks did not see earlier.

December 25thEdit

  • Lenny and his friends gather to celebrate Christmas. Randy is absent as he and his mother are leaving for vacation to visit their family for the holidays. Before boarding the plane, Randy promises Lenny a special surprise for when he get's back. Mr. Ambulance is also absent as he is still unconscious after being tazed by Mr. Fireman.

December 26thEdit

  • Mammoth Duncan, President of the United States, returns to The White House and orders everyone to quit celebrating and get back to work.
  • Mr. Ambulance finally wakes up, after nearly 48 hours of being unconscious.

December 27thEdit

  • Lenny is visited by The Canyon Man once again, who claims that Lenny is actually his father. With no proof to prove that he isn't, Lenny let's him in, vowing to kick him out of his house, never to return again, if a soon-to-be-held DNA test ends up negative.

December 28thEdit

  • Lenny is woken up by The Canyon Man at 2:30AM and is asked why butterflies aren't butterflies when they're born. Instead of answering him, Lenny ignores his question and goes back to sleep.

December 31stEdit

  • Mammoth Duncan decides to resign as President of the United States of America, favoring his original life.


January 1stEdit

  • Mammoth Duncan officially announces and makes official his resignation as President of the United States of America

January 3rdEdit

  • The DNA test is conducted on The Canyon Man, and returns negative, thus proving to not be mutually related to Lenny, much to his overwhelming joy.
  • The Canyon Man packs up and heads out. Moments later, he returns and claims that Lenny is his uncle, as it is Quincy who is his father instead. Lenny orders him to go live with him instead.

January 4thEdit

  • Lenny learns from Quincy that the Canyon Man has arrived at his house. Lenny speaks with him on the phone and mentions barbed-wire, leaving a mystery as to what Quincy's plans were to deal with the Canyon Man.
  • Mr. Fireman celebrates his birthday.

January 6thEdit

  • Mammoth reveals to his friends for the first time that he has resigned as President.
  • Randy returns with his special surprise from his vacation. The surprise, much to the dismay of Lenny and his friends, is a stash of Justin Bieber and One Direction CD's.

January 7thEdit

  • Lenny holds a secret meeting on how he and his friends can successfully dispose of the CD's, without Randy knowing about any of it.

January 14thEdit

  • Randy finds out that the CDs have been giving out by Lenny. Randy informs Lenny that he has just found out that they are boot-leg copies.

January 15thEdit

  • Lenny's friends gather to decide how they will retrieve all of the pirated CD's and refund all of their customers' money.

March 5thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco wins 20 million Dollars in the lottery.
  • Mr. Ambulance leaves town for a business trip.
  • In an effort to convince his boss to re-hire him, Mr. Fireman signs up for The Davis Show to create the illusion that Buzz Tarco is giving out 50 dollars of his lottery money to the public, thus Buzz Tarco will become famous and eventually will become even richer.

March 6thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco appears on The Davis Show.
  • Delilah attempts to run away by hitching a ride from a stranger in his van. In the process, the van is involved in a hit and run and Delilah is sent to the hospital.

March 7thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco is visited by Sergeant John Jones, who has waited a year for Buzz Tarco to bring his firemen in for boot-camp. Buzz Tarco is accused of neglect and is thrown into boot-camp himself.
  • Captain Plooby watches a TV commercial (on a TV robbed by his subordinates in a previous robbery) and learns of Mr. Fireman's advertisement for the public to earn Buzz's money. Plooby decides to visit Semi-City #5555 and rob the money for himself.
  • Mr. Ambulance returns home to find that Mr. Fireman is absent from town, as he was taken to boot-camp.

March 14thEdit

  • Delilah is released from the hospital.

March 17thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco wakes up to find that the firemen tied him to his bed while he was sleeping as punishment for sleeping in late.
  • Captain Plooby reaches shore on the coast of Texas. He continues the rest of his journey to town via commercial jet.

March 18thEdit

  • After numerous occasions of interrupting the sergeant, Buzz Tarco is warned that he will face solitary confinement if he interrupts one more time. Forgetting this promise, Buzz Tarco interrupts the sergeant yet again and is thrown into solitary confinement as promised.
  • Captain Plooby arrives at Semi-City #5555 and, finding that Buzz Tarco is gone, kidnaps Delilah and also captures Mr. Ambulance when he reveals to know of the money's location. A ransom note is forwarded to Buzz Tarco's current location.

March 19thEdit

  • After hearing an Amber Alert on the radio, Randy's mother, knowing that the kidnapping took place in their very apartment, orders Randy to pack his bags and the two set off for Randy's grandparents house to take refuge.
  • Mammoth and Randy talk on the phone, where Randy reveals that he is at his grandparents house.
  • Captain Plooby's ransom letter arrives at the Boot Camp's mail-room, where Sergeant Jones and other laugh hysterically at the letter and believe it to be a prank letter Buzz Tarco hired somebody to write as an excuse to leave Boot-Camp.
  • Mr. Fireman and his co-workers, believing the letter, successfully break out of boot-camp and head towards Miami to save Delilah.

March 20thEdit

  • The fireman's airplane crashes, having run out of fuel. Wonka the firemen manages to find them, however, and teams up with them.
  • The "Crusaders of Fire" are officially founded.
  • The firemen check into a motel.

March 21stEdit

  • While sitting on the toilet at the Motel, Mr. Fireman uses the ransom note as a toilet paper substitute, ultimately destroying the Motel's plumbing system. Forgetting the name on the paper, the firemen refer to Captain Plooby as Captain "Poopy".
  • The firemen manage to borrow an airplane to continue their journey to Flordia.

March 22ndEdit

  • While in public, Mr. Fireman obliviously brings up topics of interrogating and torture when discussing to Wonka how to save Delilah. Both he and Wonka are arrested. In the interrogation room, a plate of donuts is put out. Wonka refuses to eat any but Mr. Fireman cleans the entire plate, claiming that it will hide their guilt. Wonka explains their mission to the police, but without the ransom note, which Mr. Fireman destroyed, he has no evidence to back up his nonsensical story. For lack of evidence, and not eating off the plate, he is thrown into prison and Mr. Fireman is freed.

March 23rdEdit

  • In order to bail out Wonka (which costs 300,000$), Mr. Fireman signs up for a talent show. When the crowd feels sorry for Mr. Fireman and his incarcerated friend, the crowd votes for him out of pity, resulting in Mr. Fireman's victory.

March 24thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman bails out Wonka.
  • The Firemen arrive in Miami and interrogate one of Captain Plooby's subordinates finding out that the ship will make a pit-stop the next morning.

March 25thEdit

  • Late to board the ship (since Mr. Fireman's watch was set for the wrong time zone), the firemen find the ship in the sea via airplane and the plane on top of the ship.
  • The Battle on Captain Plooby's ship takes place, resulting in the rescue of Delilah and Mr. Ambulance, but the battle ends up costing Samuel's life.

March 26thEdit

  • The Final Battle takes place, and the Crusaders of Fire come out victorious.
  • Buzz Tarco is released from Boot Camp.

April 2ndEdit

  • Wonka the Firemen announces to Mr. Fireman that he is leaving to return to England for a temporary time.

April 5thEdit

  • Lenny Lego awaits for Mr. Elephant to begin the Easter morning service. However, nobody shows up.

April 15thEdit

  • Lenny and his friends leave for their annual camping trip.

April 16thEdit

  • Around 3AM, Mr. Fireman goes to local bush to pee, he then returns to his sleeping bag
  • Mr. Ambulance wakes up to find that Mr. Fireman has disappeared.

April 26thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance, unaware of how much time has gone by, finds Mr. Fireman unconscious in the forest, where he learns that Mr. Fireman slept-walk away from the forest grounds.

April 29thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance find a note from Lenny, finding out that they were left alone in the forest for rescue to come along and help them.
  • Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance find a family, known as "The Johnsons", setting up for their camping trip. Harold Johnson let's them stay with them for the remainder of the next two weeks, only after being coaxed by his wife to do so. Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance begin to shamelessly gorge away on all of their packed food, having not eaten in days.

April 30thEdit

  • The Johnson family is forced to abandon their vacation after Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance eat all of their food, leaving them to either go home or starve in the woods.
  • A funeral is held for Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance, who are presumed to have been killed in the forest.

May 19thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman opens a fortune cookie, signaling a source of bad luck around him. He later comes to the conclusion that Mr. Ambulance is the source of the bad luck.
  • Mr. Fireman begins a 12 hour challenge to stare at a wall constantly in effort to set a world record.

May 20thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman fails his 12 hour challenge, seconds before it was supposed to end.
  • Mammoth Duncan is sent to the hospital after choking on food at Mcdonald's.

June 28thEdit

  • Lenny get's a phone call from Horton's Hot-dog Company stating that he is scheduled to travel to L.A and speak on a TV commercial as a spokesman for their company.

June 29thEdit

  • The Horton's Hot-dog Commercial is taped.

June 30thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance pledges to hold a hot-dog chug, as they did last time they were sent 4 crates of hot-dogs.

July 7thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance verbally lashes out out-loud to the public after nobody signs up for the hot-dog chug.

July 10thEdit

  • Randy gives up waiting for anybody to join the hot-dog chug and quits.
  • Mr. Ambulance, finally willing to eat a hot-dog for himself, goes to Lenny and eats it. He is sent to the hospital afterwards.

July 11thEdit

  • Lenny and Mr. Fireman visit Mr. Ambulance in the hospital.

August 3rdEdit

  • Lenny's Horton's Hot-dog Company commercial debuts at 3:30AM on "The Mountain Channel".

August 25thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance is released from the hospital.

August 30thEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance is laid off after fainting on the job (while apparently filming a somewhat scripted reality TV show).

August 31stEdit

  • After hearing about Mr. Ambulance's misfortune, Lenny Lego manages to land Mr. Ambulance a job at the local office.

September 1stEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance begins his job at the office. However, after discovering that F-mail is installed on his computer, he becomes furious and flips his desk over in sheer fury. He proceeds to accuse Lenny of tricking him into using F-mail, since Lenny supports F-mail and Mr. Ambulance hates it so much that he boycotts it to avoid contributing to F-mail's success. He quits his job on the spot and leaves, vanishing from town.

September 15thEdit

  • With Mr. Ambulance still missing, Lenny Lego ventures out to search for him.

September 20thEdit

  • Lenny finds Mr. Ambulance working in the mail-room of a manufacturing plant. He urges him to come home, but refuses.

September 21stEdit

  • Lenny manages to organize a party for Mr. Ambulance that they will throw once he convinces Mr. Ambulance to come home. However, Lenny finds out, much to his horror, that Mr. Ambulance has taken the "First World Challenge", meaning he will not be using any electronic devices until further notice. Having no way to contact Mr. Ambulance, Lenny has no choice but to hope that he will be allowed in to talk to Mr. Ambulance after his lunch break (Lenny could not visit Mr. Ambulance during his lunch break because he and Mr. Ambulance do not have lunch break at the same time, which was the only time during the day Lenny could go down to the plant).
  • Lenny is refused entry into the back of the building, but manages to bust his way into the mail-room after distracting the desk clerk. A short time later, he is escorted out of the building.
  • Lenny returns home and announces that the party is off. Afterward, he visits the home of Mr. Elephant, the town rabbi to seek spiritual advice on how to bring home Mr. Ambulance (Mr. Elephant himself is absent due to a cat funeral, but Lenny visits his wife instead). Meanwhile, Mr. Ambulance returns home.
  • Mr. Fireman's "cake" oven busts due to malfunction when he takes the cake out for the now cancelled party (shortly before Mr. Ambulance walks in). In the process, one of Katrina's vases breaks, which results in Lenny getting kicked out of the house.

October 1stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman begins writing a script for his upcoming short film "National Mr. Fireman Day: How it came to be".

October 2ndEdit

  • Mr. Fireman's rough draft of the script is completed.

October 3rdEdit

  • Mr. Fireman's second and final draft of the script is completed.

October 5thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman casts himself, Lenny, Mr. Ambulance, Randy, and Mammoth to play certain roles in his film.

October 7thEdit

  • Filming for the short begins.

October 10thEdit

  • Filming concludes on the short.

October 12thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman begins editing the short.

October 21stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman screens the rough cut of the short for his friends. The film turns out to be a complete disaster.

October 23rdEdit

  • Mr. Ambulance re-edits the film and creates the final cut.

October 27thEdit

  • Mr. Fireman participates in the game-show "Superbiz!", failing the show miserably.

October 31stEdit

  • National Mr. Fireman Day 2015 is observed, and the short film is released on the internet.

November 1stEdit

  • Mr. Fireman begins waiting outside the local movie theater for "Star Wars" to open. He tunes in to his classes via Skype.

December 2ndEdit

  • Lenny, sick of people bringing "Lego" gifts to his door for charity, decides to change his last name to "Leggo".

December 3rdEdit

  • Lenny ends up in the "Hot Times" gossip magazine after being mistaken as a scrooge for not giving to charity.

December 24thEdit

  • Buzz Tarco, revealed to hate Christmas, is visited by the ghost of Bernard Blazes, Mr. Fireman's father, and is told that he will die and spend eternity in misery if he does not change his fate.

December 25thEdit

  • At 1:00AM, the first ghost of Christmas visits Tarco and shows him his past. After he leaves, the ghosts of Christmas Present and Future show him his timeline in their respective positions.
  • After Tarco awakens, changed by the ghosts' visits, he proclaims that he loves Christmas once again.
  • Wonka the fireman is rehired to the fire department.

December 26thEdit

This day is the day of the unconfirmed "Tornado Theory". If true, the entire cast of characters from The Lenny Lego Show die after Semi-City #5555 is hit by a destructive tornado from the infamous December 26th 2015 DFW Tornado Outbreak. The only two characters to survive would be Cody and Pig, as they moved to California just days prior to the outbreak.