The following is a list of episodes of the youtube comedy series The Lenny Lego Show.

Season 1Edit

The first season of the show debuted the series on December 3rd 2011, two days after it's initial December 1st release. It is the only season of the show to entirely be filmed with a Flip Camera.

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Airdate
1PilotMr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance move to town and greet Lenny Lego. December 3rd 2011
2Groovin with Mr. Fireman Lenny soon moves out of Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance's house. However, after his plumbing system breaks, he moves back in.December 10th 2011
3Plan L3Mr. Fireman helps Lenny try to get onto a table, but fails numerous times. December 17th 2011
4Christmas special (2011)Lenny celebrates Christmas with is friends. December 27th 2011
5TalkliveLenny Lego chats with Mr. Fireman via "Talklive", an online communication service on Christmas. December 29th 2011
6Got Cake? |January 14th 2012
7When Hotdogs Attack Lenny accidentally receives 4 cases of hotdogs from Horton's Hotdog Company, a company that manufactures really bad tasting hotdogs. Lenny and his friends must now find a way to get rid of them all.January 28th 2012
8The Living Flag Semi-City celebrates "Flag Day", a holiday that has since been abandoned for many years. After bringing the holiday back, Lenny learns exactly why it was abandoned. February 11th 2012
9Battle of the Cooks Lenny participates on a game show called "Battle of the Cooks"February 18th 2012
10The Stage Lenny and his friends build a stage for an upcoming event, only to trap Mammoth inside.March 3rd 2012

Season 2Edit

The first half of season 2 of The Lenny Lego Show was filmed with a Flip camera, as the show's first season was. Starting with the episode "Tighten your Alternator Belt Mr. Fireman!", the series was then filmed with a GE camera and was until the show's conclusion.

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
11 Mobile Phone Lenny's friends discover a mobile phone, which was purchased in the human world.March 26th 2012
12Lenny's Amnesia Lenny receives Amnesia after he takes a hit to the head. Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance try to figure out how to cure it.April 1st 2012
13The Heimlich Mr. Fireman, as a requirement for his firemen's class, is required to learn the "Heimlich". But something terrible happens when Mr. Fireman is too busy practicing to watch the microwave.May 12th 2012
14Car Miles Mr. Fireman, in hopes that something great will happen, attempts to get his car up to one million miles on his speedometer. Lenny pitches in some money to donate gasoline to Mr. Fireman to help him reach his goal.May 14th 2012
15The Mouse Mammoth Duncan, who has a phobia of mice, has several frighting encounters with fake mice.May 27th 2012
16Tighten your alternator belt Mr. Fireman! Lenny helps Mr. Fireman tighten the alternator belt on his car.June 3rd 2012
17Auto CorrectMr. Fireman sends a letter, which is changed drastically due to the infamous autocorrect. Lenny Lego must save the day and present the un-tampered Letter.June 10th 2012
18Mammoth's birthday Part 1 Lenny's friends throw Mammoth a surprise party and declare to take him to "The Funshack" to celebrate".June 19th 2012
19Mammoth's birthday Part 2 Lenny's friends arrive at a restaurant coincidentally called "The Funshack", completely unrelated to the other Funshack that they were suppose to go to. The Funshack Lenny's friends meant to go to is a huge family restraunt, while, the other is a run-down trashed restaurant that serves food and beverages that Lenny and his friends have never heard of.June 20th 2012
20Sumo Lenny and his friends rent out inflatable Sumo suits for the day. When the day is over, Lenny and Mr. Fireman cannot escape from the suits. They go to Mammoth's house for help, but their attempt backfires.July 15th 2012

Season 3Edit

Season 3 of The Lenny Lego Show is the first season to be filmed entirely with the GE camera, as every succeeding season was until it's conclusion.

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
21POW!Mr. Fireman eats a "Peanutbutter and BBQ Sauce" sandwich with a soda. Mr. Ambulance, in disgust of his cousin's eating habits, states that he will explode if he keeps eating that way. A short time later, Mr. Fireman opens the soda, which explodes with a very loud sound. Lenny and Mr. Ambulance hear it in the next room and mourn for their dead friend.September 1st 2012
22Mammoth on trialMammoth is accused of a bank robbery in which he is innocent. Lenny Lego must prove his innocence in court.September 8th 2012
23Lenny's Birthday Bash Lenny's friends hold for Lenny a surprise party. Despite Lenny's suspicion, they still manage to give him the best surprise party ever.September 15th 2012
24The Bail Lenny and Mr. Fireman are arrested for breaking into Mammoths' apartment (an event that took place in S02E10 "Sumo"). Mammoth breaks them out, only to find that they have been arrested again".September 22nd 2012
25Bed and Breakfast Lenny has his house repainted and his friends all have their repainted as well. Together they all stay in a bed and breakfast hotelOctober 7th 2012
26The Atomic Bomb Part 2 Mr. Fireman believes that he can clean the bathrooms quickly and easily using an atomic bomb. Mr. Ambulance and Lenny must stop him before it's too late.November 15th 2012
27ChristmasLenny and his friends celebrate christmasDecember 26th 2012
28The Atomic Bomb Part 2 December 26th 2012
29The ReportMr. Fireman stubs his toe and is excused from writing his report and Lenny must write it instead. Lenny get's a D- on the report.January 17th 2013
30The DeliveryMr. Ambulance delivers his neighbors child.January 26th 2013

Season 4Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
31Dietary PlanLenny and Mr. Ambulance put Mr. Fireman on a diet.February 10th 2013
32The Time MachineMr. Fireman tries to build a time machine and thinks it works.March 10th 2013
33The RabbiLenny and Mr. Ambulance go to the town rabbi Mr. Elephant (A.K.A Father Elephant) for advice when Mr. Fireman blares his music to loudly. They get different help than what they expected.April 18th 2013
34If I Won the LotteryMr. Ambulance daydreams on the job about what he would do if he won the lotteryMay 18th 2013
35The AuctionMr. Fireman sells away Buzz's boss certificate, which lands him in jail. Mr. Fireman tries everything he can to buy it back.May 28th 2013
36The 25 Year Old BabyMr. Ambulance tries everything he knows how to get Mr. Fireman to get a booster shot.June 5th 2013
37Mammoth's CommercialMammoth is filming a commercial for his company called PUFTE (Prevent Us From Total Extinction), a company dedicated to proving that mammoths are not extinct. Unknown/Reuploaded
38Sounds in the HouseLenny hears strange sounds coming from his house and hires his friends to figure out what it is.Unknown/Reuploaded
39Counselship Part 1Lenny and Mr. Fireman have had enough of Mr. Fireman's behavior.August 8th 2013
40 Counselship Part 2 August 12th 2013

Season 5Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Airdate
41 Counselship Part 3 September 12th 2013
42 The Trampoline Caper Mr. Fireman buys a trampoline with Lenny's own money without asking him first and ends up breaking his leg. Lenny Lego must now find another job to be able to afford to pay his electric bill. Meanwhile, while in the hospital, Mr. Fireman learns he must go on a diet.September 18th 2013
43 Hot Pocket Mr. Fireman finds a hotpocket which was packaged upside down. After Lenny refuses to buy it from Mr. Fireman, he learns that the hot pocket could prove to be a source of much wealth, only after it's too late.September 29th 2013
44 Acts of Hatred Lenny refuses to get an Instagram, believing it to be a shameful rip-off of Facebook. Later, things get really out of control after Randy posts a picture of Lenny on Instagram.October 18th 2013
45 Lenny and Mr. Fireman break bad Mr. Fireman get's banned from entering his local Mcdonald's ever again after pervasively trying to convince the manager to give him free food. To preserve his access to big-macs, he teams up with Lenny to create his own homemade Big-Macs using an illegal recipe (as the recipe is a secret) that an ex-employee gave to Mr. Fireman.October 19th 2013
46 Time Travel Lenny finds an old time machine that one of his ancestors built.November 8th 2013
47 Thanksgiving Special 2013 Lenny's friends celebrate Thanksgiving 2013.November 28th 2013
48 Lenny's Dog part 1 Lenny adopts a dog which accidentally get's mistaken for a stray dog and is donated to another owner by Mr. Ambulance and Mr. Fireman. The two try to retrieve the dog again once they found out their big mistake.December 21st 2013
49 Lenny's Dog part 2 December 21st 2013
50 Lenny's Christmas Special Lenny's friends celebrate Christmas again and partake in the town's 7th annual Christmas Pageant.December 24th 2013

Season 6Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
51 Mammoth's Family Mammoth is visited by his family members, including the young but aggressive Pigpig.February 19th 2014
52 Lenny the sitter Lenny Lego is assigned to babysit Pigpig, the aggressive family member of Mammoth Duncan. While taking him to Mcdonald's, he is mistaken for kidnapping Pigpig via an EAS alert.February 21st 2014
53 A Bad Day to Die Hard Lenny Lego is arrested on charges of Kidnapping. Mr. Fireman tries to bail him out and his plans to do so backfire. April 3rd 2014
54 1 Million Reasons to Panic Mr. Fireman gives Mammoth Duncan 1 million dollars towards his company called PUFTE. Lenny Lego, knowing Mr. Fireman will be throwing it away, tries to give the money back somehow.April 17th 2014
55 Randy's VoiceAfter failing at a singing audition, Lenny tries to help Randy becoming a better singer, even if it means giving him a voice transplant.May 8th 2014
56 Whatever Happened to the Pizza Mr. Fireman orders a pizza that goes missing. Lenny and his friends try to find it and eventually find it much later under the couch, completely stale and moldy.May 25th 2014
57 Patti the Pancake Lenny, Mr. Fireman, and Mammoth try to create a kids show called "Patti the Pancake", but the show, somehow, gets them arrested.June 4th 2014
58 Autopsy Mr. Ambulance Out of knowwhere, Mr. Ambulance is suddenly required to perform and autopsy, which he has no experience of at all.June 23rd 2014
59/60 4th of July Special The annual 4th of July Festival has come to town. Randy works the Ferris Wheel, Cody works a cranberry sauce stand, Mr. Fireman works the dunk tank, and bull runs a hotdog stand, but Lenny get's the worst job of all.July 4th 2014

Season 7Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
61 Report of no Return Mr. Fireman realizes he forgot to write his report for his firefighter's class, so he hires Lenny to write it for him. July 22nd 2014
62 To Sell or Not to Sell Lenny tries to earn money to buy a PS4: One way he tries is getting Mr. Fireman to sell a poorly modified car to a couple, another is by selling a Superbowl souvenir that's over two years old. August 18th 2014
63 Mcbusters Mr. Fireman enters a food eating contest known as the "Mcbusters" Big-Mac eating contest. Turns out that Mr. Fireman doesn't win, but neither do his opponents, somehow. September 24th 2014
64 Community Service After the huge brawl that was started by Mr. Fireman in the previous episode, he, along with Mr. Ambulance and Lenny, are forced to perform Community service. By the end of the episode, it is for the first time shown that Lenny and Katrina now live alone (even though they have for over a year). October 13th 2014
65 You Give Children's Videos a Bad Name While waiting in line for an advanced screening of "Interstellar", Lenny's friends look back to a recent event. Mr. Fireman's fire department get's the lucky chance to star in a children's firefighter video production, but after the taping of the video goes horrendously bad, they turn out to be not so lucky after all. October 21st 2014
66 It's National Mr. Fireman Day! October 31st 2014
67 Lenny's Gonna be a Daddy!!! Lenny prepares for his Babyshower November 8th 2014
68 The Shower has Come At Lenny's Baby Shower, Mr. Fireman tells Wonka the Fireman about earlier that morning, when Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance found Lenny's diary! November 12th 2014
69/70 From Death to Life and Beyond Lenny plans a funeral for his heroic fallen friend. November 20th 2014

Season 8Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Original Air-date
71/72 Lenny's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle Lenny is so busy getting all the side dishes in order for Thanksgiving, he forgets the turkey itself. Mr. Fireman, getting Randy to team up with him, breaks into a closed grocery store to get a turkey, but winds up getting himself and Randy locked in the freezer for 7,000 years instead. (NOTE This is the first double length episode to premiere a season as well as the first episode to feature a director's cut) November 27th 2014
73 Cop Lenny Lenny quits his office job and becomes a cop. December 9th 2014
74/75 On-Duty Alone: A Lenny Lego Christmas Special Lenny Lego Christmas Special 2014 December 24th 2015
76 Like Father Unlike Son Just before New Year's, Lenny is revisited by "The Canyon Man", who claims to be Lenny's long lost child. Having no idea who the man is (other than his recent pervasive canyon rental attempts), Lenny agrees to let him stay until a DNA test is conducted, promising to force him to move out and never return again if the results end up negative. NOTE: This is the first, and so far only episode in which the character Mr. Fireman is completely absent January 6th 2015
77 One Direction (to Disaster) Randy promises Lenny and his friends a surprise once he returns from his vacation after new years. The surprise, much to their dismay, ends up being a huge pile of Justin Bieber and One Direction CD's. The gang then tries to find a way to get rid of the entire pile of CD's somehow, without Randy knowing. When Randy eventually finds out Lenny got rid of all the CD'S, he forgives Lenny, but then tells him that he has just found out all of the CD's that he gave out to people were bootleg copies. January 10th 2015
78 Bootlegged! Randy explains that he recently fell for an online sweepstakes scam and won nothing but a pile of pirated CD's. Lenny and the gang are now forced to track-down each and every CD from everyone they sold them to, including a man passing by on his way to Nova Scotia. January 30th 2015
79 Superbowl Sunday On Superbowl Sunday, Everyone plays a friendly (and tackle) football game, featuring The Lenny Lego Lillies (Lenny Lego, Randy, Mr. Elephant, Quincy, and Mr. Fireman) vs The Mr. Ambulance Maniacs (Mr. Ambulance, Pig, Mrs. Diney, Buzz Tarco, and Mammoth). February 1st 2015
80 Day One Dark After losing his job as a police officer, Lenny Lego finally finds a new job, as a baby-sitter. March 4th 2015

Season 9Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
81 Lenny's Easter Lenny Easter 2015 April 4th 2015
82 Nature Part 1 Lenny, Mr. Fireman, Mr. Ambulance, Mammoth and Randy go camping. While camping out, Mr. Fireman goes missing April 13th 2015
83 Nature Part 2 Mr. Ambulance ventures out to look for Mr. Fireman. He successfully finds him, but now both of them are lost. April 18th 2015
84 Nature Part 3 Mr. Fireman and Mr. Ambulance finally find a way home. When they return to town, they find something very unexpected. April 21st 2015
85 Bad Luck Mr. Ambulance Mr. Fireman opens a fortune cookie which explains that there is a source of bad luck around him. While initially ignoring it, he soon begins to think that it is real May 25th 2015
86 Psychiatric Chocolate Algorithm When Mr. Fireman's boss, Buzz Tarco, offers a month supply of chocolate to the highest quiz score, a fine line of opinion of difference is drawn between Mr. Ambulance and Lenny Lego. June 21st 2015
87 Pig-Pig's Imaginary Friend Lenny babysits Pig-Pig, again. This time he must put up with his imaginary friend T/B/A
88 When Hotdogs Attack, THE REVENGE! Lenny finds that he must speak as a spokesperson for Horton's Hotdog Company. As a reward for doing the job, he receives another batch (another 400 hotdogs) of the infamously horribly tasting hotdogs. July 3rd 2015
89/90 4th of July Special The 8th Annual 4th of July Festival takes place July 4th 2015

On August 6th, after the show was put on a temporary Hiatus, The Lenny Lego Show was renewed for a 10th season. Season 10's finale will mark the 100th episode of The Lenny Lego Show.

Season 10Edit

Prod. No. Title Summary Original Air-date
91 Mr. Ambulance's New Job Mr. Ambulance passes out on the job yet again. When Lenny suggests to him a job at his office, Mr. Ambulance gladly accepts, until he finds out that the office computers use F-Mail, a communication software that Mr. Ambulance despises and refuses to support (likely due to it's incredibly lousy performance). When Lenny re-enters the room, Mr. Ambulance lashes out and immediately quits, accusing Lenny (who supports F-Mail,) of tricking him into supporting F-Mail, knowing he despises it. Two weeks later, when Mr. Ambulance has still not returned home, Lenny goes out to find him. September 12th 2015
92 Come Back home Mr. Ambulance Lenny finds Mr. Ambulance working in the mail-room of a manufacturing plant. When he fails to convince him of coming back home, he organizes a party to be thrown for him. However, he later learns, much to his horror, that Mr. Ambulance has given up use of electronic devices until further notice, meaning Lenny has no way of convincing him to come back besides returning to the factory. October 7th 2015
93 Lenny's Social Crusade Lenny arrives at the factory and finds, to his horror, that the desk clerk has changed (and is significantly less sympathetic than the previous one). When Lenny arrives too late to speak with him on lunch break (as Lenny cannot get off work before then), he sneaks his way into the mail-room, but is soon escorted out. Mr. Ambulance finally sees Lenny's desperate attempts to reunite with him and finally decides to return to town. October 29th 2015
94 National Mr. Fireman Day IV Mr. Fireman presents a historic video presentation depicting the "very accurate" events regarding the origins of National Mr. Fireman Day. October 31st 2015
95 Superbiz! Part 1 After Mr. Ambulance discovers that Mr. Fireman has reserved an enormous amount of movies from the library, he breaks down yet again, due to his cousin's continuous laziness that does not seem to show any signs of stopping. But suddenly, Mr. Ambulance hatches a great idea and puts Mr. Fireman onto the game-show "Superbiz!" to demonstrate his movie knowledge so he can win themselves thousands of dollars. November 12th 2015
96 Superbiz! part 2 Mr. Fireman participates on the game show and, much to Mr. Ambulance's horror, answers every question incorrectly. November 12th 2015
97-98 Mr. Ambulance's Thanksgiving Kerfuffle Lenny Leggo thanksgiving special 2015 November 26th 2015
99 Leftovers Never Die December 21st 2015
100-101 Buzz Tarco's Christmas Carol The traditional story of "A Christmas Carol" told in the fashion of The Lenny Leggo Show. NOTE: Series finale December 24th 2015