Frankfurt Freddy Bumsby, always referred to as "Ol' Frank", is an unseen character from the YouTube series The Lenny Lego Show.

Character BioEdit

In The Lenny Lego Show, anytime "Ol' Frank" was mentioned was by the town rabbi Tucker Savage, as told during the following story according to Mr. Elephant's journal.

"It was a hot ol' Sunday afternoon today. We were all gathered up in the mountains for our annual family reunion". Shortly before it was time to eat, some of us, consisting of myself, Ol' Uncle Robert John, Father Yamon, and a few others, were outside trying to bust open that ol' scringa. Try as we might, no one of us could get that darned thing open. And then Ol' Frank came on outside, Ol' Frank, standing tall and proud. That Ol' Frank, standing six-foot-four, weight 220, he was a man we all looked up to, and we'd sure look up to him after this unforgettable day. He came on outside, with this big ol two-by-four in his hands. He came on over, and took that two-by-four, right on up to that scringa, and just WWHHAMM!!!! Right on the spot! Ol Frank got that thing open quickly than a jack rabbit sitting on a pinecone needle! That's right, effortlessly, he busted that thing right open, and we all stood in awe at Ol Frank's strength. That's right, and all throughout dinner, that's all we ever talked about was Ol' Frank's deed of strength. Nobody ever thought, before that day, that such a feet was possible, but now we know it is, that's for sure! Until tomorrow's exciting events, good night, and good rest!.

Tucker Savage 6/13/1948"