P.U.F.T.E (Prevent Us From Total Extinction) is a fictitious business from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Lego Show. The business is a scientific research lab founded by President and C.E.O Mammoth Duncan. The company is dedicated to researching and discovering evidence that mammoths are not on the brink of extinction.

P.U.F.T.E will return for the updated series "The Lenny Leggo Show".

Company BioEdit

P.U.F.T.E was first founded by Mammoth Duncan during Season 4 of The Lenny Lego Show, in an attempt to debunk the myth that mammoths were extinct. During its debut episode, Mammoth Duncan creates a makeshift tower out of logs. He stands up on top of the tower and, during his commercials, provides a voice over encouraging viewers to "help the mammoths stand as as tall as this one (mammoth) you see". He uses this makeshift tower during various P.U.F.T.E speeches, such as in the Mr. Fireman spin-off film, when the tower is destroyed by Dogzilla. Likewise, the tower always seems to collapse somehow whenever Mammoth constructs it for advertising or speech giving.

The actual headquarters of P.U.F.T.E was never seen in The Lenny Lego Show.