Season S is an upcoming season of The Lenny Leggo Show. The season's name, Season S, derives from the fact that it is a "Special" season, with a different format from the other seasons. All Season S episodes will be non canon and will not take place in continuity with any episodes from the numbered seasons, or even with each other. Also, unlike the numbered seasons, Season S episodes will not have a definitive episode length, meaning episodes can last anywhere from only a couple of minutes to a half hour or even more (without being considered a double length episode). However, Season S will use the same opening intro as the main series, but will be followed by a disclaimer that the episode is non canon. The fact that season S is non-canon will give the show more room to create completely nonsensical plots involving the show's main setting while at the same time not contradicting anything from the official timeline.

Katrina Kyla, Clonebot, Petey, John, or any other film exclusive characters will not exist in Season S episodes.