The Bonus Round was a recurring running gag from the YouTube series The Lenny Lego Show. The Bonus Round is a punishment that Mr. Fireman's boss, Buzz Tarco, uses on firemen who are acting out of control, typically used as a last resort (although it was used on Mr. Fireman himself on a seemingly regular basis). The Bonus Round was never fully explained or seen in detail, thus it is always merely left to the viewers imagination. It was, however, stated to be without a doubt the worst fate a fireman could ever face while on the job. Some firemen even claimed that the punishment was even worse than getting fired.

In one episode of the show, Mr. Fireman refers to the punishment as the "king of all discipline" and states that he would suggest it for use on bratty children, but that this cannot be done as there it is illegal to perform The Bonus Round on anyone under 18 years of age.

During the events of The Lenny Lego Movie 3, actually portrayed in Season 7 (which acted as a mid-quel to Lenny Lego 3), when Buzz Tarco has to exit the classroom for a few minutes, the entire classroom erupts into a gigantic food-fight. Buzz Tarco subsequently sentences every single firemen to The Bonus Round. He puts Mr. Fireman himself in the back of the line as it was his idea to start the food-fight, requiring him to wait and comprehend his punishment for an entire three hours (there is even a sign on the wall in the hallways that states "The Bonus Round: Approximate wait time from this point; 3 hours. ABSOLUTELY NO LINE CUTTING!"). However, due to Lenny's baby-shower taking place that night, a co-worker agreed to switch places with Mr. Fireman so he could make it to the shower.