"The Lenny Lego Show: the 4th of July Special 2" is season 9 finale of The Lenny Lego Show. It is the follow-up to the season 6 finale The Lenny Lego Show: The 4th of July Special and, respectively, takes place exactly one year after the previous 4th of July special. The episode is a double-length episode, covering episodes 89 and 90 of the show. An abridged version of the episode aired on July 4th 2015 while the full length version aired two days later.


The episode begins with the same intro as the previous 4th of July special, with the main characters, terribly, singing America's National Anthem.

This year Lenny Lego and Mr. Ambulance are assigned to assemble the Ferris Wheel for the upcoming 4th of July Festival. However, trouble immediately arises when they find the town's court judge, Mr. Timmy Tinkleman, filming an exercise workout video in the exact location where the ferris wheel is assigned to be built. When Tinkleman refuses to move elsewhere, Lenny invites him over to his house later that day for coffee in hopes of resolving the conflict. Lenny discovers that Tinkleman has always wanted to volunteer as staff for the festival, but so far nobody has given him a chance. Lenny manages to strike a deal with the festival director, allowing Tinkleman to volunteer in exchange for moving his production elsewhere, to which Tinkleman accepts. The next day, Lenny finds one of the roller coaster train cars missing. He becomes infuriated to learn that Tinkleman has taken it to use as an onscreen metaphor for "the roller coaster of life" as an audience motivator. Lenny foolishly offers Tinkleman some of his cruise tickets (forgetting that they are actually an anniversary gift for himself and his wife, Katrina), as well as a VIP guess badge, in exchange for the roller coaster car back.

Later that night, the festival starts, where Tinkleman, with his VIP guest pass, rudely pushes everyone in line for all of the rides out of his way. Cody has set up his deep fried cranberry sauce stand once again, despite it being a complete failure last year. Pigpig, the extremely aggressive eight year old nephew of Mammoth Duncan, visits Mammoth's BB Gun shooting gallery and accidentally shoots him in the eye. Meanwhile, Mr. Fireman, who has reprised his role of working the dunk tank, has been forced to abandon his assignment as a fat kid has accidentally destroyed the tank. When he then decides to visit the shooting gallery, he accidentally shoots Mammoth in the other eye.

The festival ends and clean up begins. Mr. Fireman fools around with the rifle leftover from the shooting gallery and accidentally shoots a bullet up Mammoth's ass.