The Plumber was a short-lived character from the now-discontinued The Lenny Lego Show, the prototype of the 2016 YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. The character was, fittingly, a plumber who appeared in only one episode of the series: Season 1 Episode 2. His character was portrayed by a "Mario" action figure (as this was only the second episode of the entire series, long before the show converted into the animated format). Despite this, his actual name was never mentioned, thus it is possible that it was actually a misleading prop meant for another named character. However, he mentioned his brother to be named Luigi, so this is unlikely. His character has been discontinued as he is a copyrighted character and all copyrighted material from The Lenny Lego Show will not be recycled for The Lenny Leggo Show, although a new character without any copyrighted associations may replace him.