Timmy Tinkleman
Timmy Tinkleman
Timmy Tinkleman (as his original design) at his business desk.
Vital statistics
Position Recurring Character
Age 44
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5ft 0in
Weight unknown
Timmy Tempeh Tinkleman is a fictitious character from the YouTube series The Lenny Leggo Show.

In 2016, Tinkleman will recieve a new incarnation.


Timmy Tinkleman is the town's court judge, financial adviser, and works in the legal ID department. When asked how he can work three different jobs at the same time, he always reasons that "why not? Hyah, hyah, hyah!"

Almost every time Tinkleman talks, his sentence is followed by his signature "Hyah, hyah, hyah!" laugh, which is likely due to the reason why almost everyone in town hates Tinkleman, dreading going down to the court house due to his very existence alone. He has been dubbed by many as "the most annoying judge in Los Angeles".

Timmy Tinkleman is a vegan, primarily for two reasons; animal ethnicity, and health awareness. He never eats any type of meat, seafood, or eggs and warns others that, if they keep eating these things, that they are eventually going to spontaneously combust. Rather than just joking, or fear mongering, Tinkleman actually believes this with heart. Tinkleman is a strong supporter of the animal organization PETA, donating roughly 30% of his income to them every year. Tinkleman is also a believer in global warming.

He is a returning character from The Lenny Lego Show, carrying over the same occupation while recieving a redesign. Like Lenny, he was built of Lego in his original incarnation, despite his name, unlike Lenny's last name at the time, not specifying as such.

His birthday is unknown.