Wonka Terringson is a fictitious character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Lego Show. He was originally created as Mr. Fireman's long-time arch-nemesis from high-school; both firefighters hated each other, both desiring to be better than the other. Eventually, after Mr. Fireman saved Wonka's life from a burning building, the two became friends and remained as such all the way until The Lenny Lego Show's conclusion.

Wonka will return for the updated series "The Lenny Leggo Show". For this incarnation, a background story will be given for as to how Wonka and Jonah Flenderson (Mr. Fireman's newer character incarnation) became enemies, as this was left unexplained in The Lenny Lego Show.


  • In The Lenny Lego Show, Wonka the Fireman was the only character who was not voiced by Aaron Cosby. Instead, he was voiced by YouTube user "Captain Caw" (known at the time as "THELAGSTINKYBOYZ").
  • Wonka's new middle name "Goldsby" for The Lenny Leggo Show was never mentioned in The Lenny Lego Show.